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Monthly Specials

Wireless Rain sensors  $175.00 installed, includes a system check out
System check only $40.00
Insulate pressure vacuum breaker $40.00

      We will come out and install a rain sensor which will deactivate your sprinkler when it is or has rained, therefore saving water and saving money. No need to turn off and on controllers because of rain.

      A complete system check out will tell you of any problems you may have with your system, and a detailed list and price to do repairs will then be giving to you. Also any adjustments that can be made will be made at the time of a system check, adjust rotors,controllers and directions of spray nozzles.

     Insulation of the Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB)  We will insulate your PVB to help prevent the damage due to freeze. An uninsulated PVB can freeze and break causing water to flow out until water supply is turned off.            
 To repair a PVB is around $120.00 and to replace is around $160.00 - $200.00

Is your controller not working properly, display is faded or unreadable, or are you unable to program it, it may be time to upgrade to the newest model controller. Starting at $245 installed for up to 4 stations, you can upgrade to the newest controller on the market.. Expansion modules are available to go up to 22 stations, Modules are extra.. Together with a wireless rain sensor, your system will be complete and worry free !

Rain Bird ESP-Me Modular Irrigation Controller
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